Adding Random Pools
Creating random pools is a two-step process - First, you'll create the random pool (Frequency, set percentages and other parameters of how the pool will behave) and second, you need to set the pool criteria. Setting the pool criteria tells the pool which personnel qualify to be in the pool. Once the pool criteria is set, any active personnel records meeting the criteria will automatically become a pool member.

Helpful note: If you haven't already review the "Getting started with random pool group management" section it's recommended you do so here.

Step 1. Click the "Randoms" tab
Step 2. Click the "+" icon
Step 3. Enter a pool "name" and "ID" (the "ID" can be anything you'd like)
Step 4. Select from the various settings that best match how you'd like to manage the pool. You must choose the Selection Method, and Selection Interval (These have to be selected to save your pool group)
Step 5. Click "Save"

ScreenHunter_66 Aug. 11 09.10.jpg

So far you've created the pool template but you've not yet added personnel into the pool for random selection.
Step 6. From the Pool Groups List, Click on the Pool Group you just created. Go to Pool Information>Pool Criteria (or click the red text "pool criteria" if shown)

ScreenHunter_67 Aug. 11 09.40.jpg

Step 7. The form below will appear showing the possible criteria options to select from. Click the blue text to see the available options. Note: In nearly all cases you'll start with the "Company" option.

ScreenHunter_68 Aug. 11 09.43.jpg

Step 8. Select and save the criteria for pool membership.
ScreenHunter_71 Aug. 11 10.23.jpg

Step 9. Be sure to click "Save" again once all your criteria has been selected!

ScreenHunter_72 Aug. 11 10.28.jpg

Step 10. Double check to see that your pool has personnel associated with it.

ScreenHunter_74 Aug. 11 10.37.jpg