Adding personnel records manually

Personnel records can be created manually, or by spreadsheet import or by importing test records which do not match to an existing personnel record. Importing or manually adding personnel records give you the flexibility to include additional demographic data that you wouldn't get by creating a personnel record by downloading a test.

To add a personnel record:
Step 1. Click the "Personnel" tab
Step 2. Click the green "+" icon
Step 3. Locate the company or company/region/location account to associate the personnel record to by using the search or selector options
Step 4. Enter the minimum amount of required data (first and last name and at least one ID)
Step 5. Click "Save"

Other useful personnel record demographics:
personnel detail.jpg

Regulatory info:
There are numerous reasons why you might choose to add additional demographic data, in particular if a person is regulated under one of the DOT regulated industries you would want to be sure to add the "Regulatory mode" and "employee category".
Note: The primary regulatory mode can be set by checking the "primary check box". Normally if an employee is regulated under two separate federal agencies (ex. PHMSHA + FMCSA) then the agency with the more stringent or higher random selection percentages would be set as the primary regulatory mode.

User definable demographics/codes:
If you need to track additional demographic data that cannot be found on the personnel record, then you might use "demographics" (found in a personnel record by navigating to "general>demographics". There are 8 codified fields (User 1-8) available and 2 free text fields (User 9-10) to capture anything else you need. The user fields names can be renamed in the admin>setup>user code labels area and are viewed system-wide for any company. The codes for user 1-8 are defined within the company record via the account detail record>general>codes. User 1-8 codes can be imported in spreadsheets when importing personnel records - just make sure the codes you import exactly match the codes you set up.

Inactive check box:
Any personnel record set to "inactive" will not be eligible for random selection even if they meet all the other pool group criteria. Used by itself, the inactive check box generally represents a personnel record that might be temporarily not eligle for random selection.

Termination date:
When set, the termination date will also set the personnel record to inactive thereby taking them out of any random pool group. Using the termination date on an employee record generally means that that employee is not longer employed of affiliated with the account.