Adding medical review officer (MRO) record

Test records which contain medical review information are required to be associated with an MRO vendor record. The MRO vendor record typically consists of both the organization the MRO is affiliated with and the individual medical review officer(s). Information about both entities will be entered.

Adding a MRO vendor record (the organization):
Step 1. Click the "Vendors" tab
Step 2. Click the "+" icon
Step 3. From the "type" drop down select "MRO"
add MRO.jpg

Step 4. Add required information (code/name) and any additional information you want to manage.
Helpful note: The "code" can be anything you'd like however for those downloading results from a CISNet connected MRO might want to find out what code is reported out of the MRO's software system and use a matching code. It's not crucial that the codes are exactly the same but if you know what the MRO code is then use it.
Step 5. Click "save"

Additional set up steps (optional):

Step 6. Add MRO contacts
a. Find the MRO you just created by doing a search in the Vendors tab. Once you see the MRO click on the link in the Name column
b. Go to General>contacts
ScreenHunter_235 Sep. 26 09.44.jpg
c. Click the "+" icon
d. Select the contact type for the dropdown
e. add contact info and click "save"
ScreenHunter_236 Sep. 26 09.46.jpg

Step 7. Add MRO services:
a. Go to General>services
ScreenHunter_237 Sep. 26 09.47.jpg
b. Click the Green 'Plus' icon to add a service.
c. Check the boxes associated with the services provided
d. Click "save"
ScreenHunter_238 Sep. 26 09.52.jpg

Step 8. Add the MRO signature image
Helpful notes:
  • If your organization employ's an MRO, then you'll absolutely want to add the electronic MRO signature image as it prints out on all results reported through the system that were "touched" by the MRO staff (DOT tests for example). If you utilize a third party MRO you should have a discussion with them about obtaining a digital copy of the MRO signature. Your MRO may or may not allow you to use a copy of their signature.
  • The signature file needs to be in .bmp format
(Signature should not touch the top or bottom of the image)
Height: 80 pixel
Width: 350 pixel
a. Open the MRO detail record in the Vendors area
b. Go to General>Services
c. Click the "Edit" icon at the bottom of the window
add mro signature.jpg
d. Click the "Browse" button and locate the .bmp signature file
e. Preview the signature. If its blurry or exceeds the dimensions and looks cut off, modify your signature file and redo steps a-e.
Helpful note: The key to sizing up the image correctly is to leave a good amount of blank space above and below the signature in image.
signature examples.jpg