Adding Regions and Locations

Regions and Locations can be added to a company account allowing personnel records to be associated to them. A Region or Location can become part of the demographic data recorded on both personnel and test records and may be used as criteria for pool group membership or even to set up results reporting profiles to specific contacts associated with those Regions and Locations. A Region or Location can be created under a company or region account.

Helpful tips:
  • Region and Location accounts obey whatever configuration rules set at the account level. For example, if you set the primary ID type as alternate ID on the company record, then alternate ID becomes the primary ID type for the Region or Location.
  • Contacts can be associated with each Region and Location account allowing you to send results for just that Region or Location contact.

To add a location account:
Step 1. From the Account Management tab, open the company record to which this location needs to be associated to.
ScreenHunter_268 Oct. 04 14.27.jpg
Step 2. Go to General>Regions or Locations
ScreenHunter_270 Oct. 04 14.32.jpg

Step 3. Click the "+" icon
ScreenHunter_271 Oct. 04 14.33.jpg

Step 4. Add a Region or Location code and name, plus any other demographic information you want to add.
Step 5. Click "Save".
ScreenHunter_272 Oct. 04 14.34.jpg

Step 6. Go back to the general account grid area, search for the company record your location was associated with and click the "Hierarchy icon" and check to see that the location you added is listed properly under the next higher account it should be associated with.

ScreenHunter_275 Oct. 04 14.46.jpg