Adding laboratory account numbers + map to company

For those downloading test results from CISNet connected laboratories, you'll want to be sure the lab account numbers are mapped to the proper account (company or company+location). When RedArrow validates the incoming test data, the lab account number can help it determine which account the test is associated with. Incoming tests which contain lab account numbers that have not been mapped will land in the "account exceptions" work list where the record will have to be manually set to an account.

Helpful note: Multiple lab account numbers can be mapped to the same account.

There are multiple methods available to add and map lab account numbers as follows:
1. Via the account record
2. Via the laboratory vendor record
3. In the inbox exceptions area (see inbox

1. Via the account record:
Step 1. Open the account detail record you want to add the lab account number to.
Step 2. Go to General>Lab Accounts
Step 3. Click the "+" icon
Step 4. Enter the lab account number and select the associated lab from the drop down (If the lab isn't on the list you must first add the lab vendor record into the system)
Step 5. Click "save"

2. Via the laboratory vendor record
Step 1. Open the laboratory detail record in the Vendors area
Step 2. Go to General>Lab Accounts
Step 3. Click the "+" icon
Step 4. Enter the lab account number and click "save" (you'll see the account number in the lab account grid with the rest of the data shown as "not mapped")
lab account map link.jpg
Step 5. Click the lab account number link.
Step 6. Select the "Set company to" option and choose the associated company from the drop down
lab to company.jpg
Step 7. (optional) If the lab account number belongs to a region or location under the company account record then in the "Optional Location Mapping" area select the option "Map all records for this account to single location" and select the location from the drop down.
Step 8. Click "save"

3. via the inbox exceptions area: (see: Import Test Results - Resolving "account" exceptions)