Adding laboratories

Drug test records which have been analyzed by a laboratory require to be associated with a laboratory vendor record. You should have a separate laboratory vendor record for each laboratory that you utilize. For those downloading results, your lab account numbers will be associated with both an account and a laboratory vendor record.

To add a laboratory:
Step 1. Click the vendors tab
Step 2. Click the "+" icon
Step 3. Select "lab" from the "type" drop down
Note: The code is pre-assigned by the Red Arrow system.
Step 4. Click "save"

If the lab you want to add is not listed in the pre-populated fields please call our support team to have them add the lab into the system.
Phone: 800.948.4070
Hours: 6:00 a.m. — 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time

Why can I not manually add my own lab vendor record?
There are a limited number of labs our clients typically use. We've prepopulated your system with a list of the lab vendor records for you to select from. In the event you need a lab added that is not already in the system please contact our support team.

To see labs that are available to add to your system you can scroll through the list in the code drop down menu:

ScreenHunter_05 Jul. 29 12.03.jpg

Although RedArrowOnline can receive drug test results form a number of laboratories (see for the most current list); we cannot directly facilitate downloading for your accounts. The initial request must be initiated by you, the account owner. However, the RedArrowOnline technical support or your implementation team must be made aware of which account numbers you’ll be downloading results from as we have to configure our network to link the incoming results with your CISNetMailID. Failure to notify CIS will result in test results not arriving in your system.

Helpful Notes:
  • When possible, you should strive to establish unique account numbers for each account “company.” Utilizing “house” account numbers increases the likelihood that you’ll have to manually modify incoming test result records so they match to the correct account. Some labs may provide additional “codes” typically handwritten on each CCF form which certainly helps, however there is no guarantee the lab data accessioning team will add that data onto the digital test record we download.

Lab Results vs. MRO Results:
  • Currently laboratory systems do not report results with medical review results included. They may have websites that display results with MRO information on them, but they do not report out results electronically with MRO results in them. Therefore, to get results imported into your system with MRO information/results in them, you must connect directly with the MRO office. RedArrow is currently connected with over 30 medical review officers for results downloading.