Adding customized test notification letters

You can have the system generate employee notification letters for each person selected in a random draw. The notification letter can be customized somewhat in that the body text is editable with your own messaging. These notifications can also be auto-distributed by the system alongside the random selection report.

(Note: You must have administrator rights to add or delete system users.)

Notification letters are used system wide; which means the same body text you add will be used for any company in your system.Also, the system requires you to add a separate letter for each reason for test (Random, Post-Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, etc.) and for each test type scenario (Alcohol only, Drug only and for a combination Drug/Alcohol test).

Example notification letter:
editble text area.jpg

Helpful Tips:
  • You can copy/paste text from letter to letter to save time. Just be sure to change your text to match the test type or reason.

To add notification letters:
Step 1. Click "admin" text and enter your password
Step 2. Go to "Letters" and select the report you'd like to edit.
Step 3. Enter the text you'd like to see on the report.
Step 4. Click "Save"

ScreenHunter_26 Aug. 08 13.41.jpg

Helpful note:
  • Notifications can be sent at the time of random selection to the contact added to the "Notifications" area in the random pool detail page.
  • Notifications can be resent form the Company>Regulatory & Compliance>Random Programs (Click the blue text in the "Pool ID" row)