Adding custom letters for companies, vendors or personnel

You can create your own custom letters that can be printed from company, vendor or personnel records. This is an ideal solution for instances where you find you need to routinely create the same form letters. Custom letters are used system wide For example, a letter created and linked to "Personnel" can be generated from any personnel record in the system.

(Note: You must have administrator rights to define user code categories.)

To create a custom letter...
Step 1. Click the "admin" link and enter your password.
Step 2. Go to Letters>Custom letters
Step 3. Click the "+" icon
Step 4. Select the letter "type"
Step 5. Enter a report title (This is what you'll see when you generate it from the company, vendor or personnel record)
Step 6. Enter the text you'd like to see generated on the report in the body text area. .
Step 7. Click "save"
custom letters.jpg

The "Enable Letter Tracking" option:
If you subscribe to the task manager module you can have the system automatically create a task whenever you generate a letter. This can be helpful for situations such as when you need to ensure you get a signed copy of the letter back. The "task" that is created will not go off the task manager system until you check the "complete" box in the task manage area.

Helpful note:
  • If your customer letter is set for "Enable Letter Tracking" a task creation box will automatically open whenever the report is generated. Be sure to change the task description so that you'll recognize what the task is related to when you see it in the task management area.
task open.jpg

Generating custom letters...

Step 1. Open a company, vendor (collection site, lab or MRO record), or Personnel record for which you have already created a custom letter for.
Step 2. Check the box next to your custom letter name and click the print icon. The letter can be printed or saved to .pdf.

Example custom letter:
sample custom letter.jpg