Adding contacts

Contact records can be created and associated with accounts or vendors in your system. For accounts, typically the people you send results to or communicate with for billing purposes or to coordinate random selections with, etc. are added as contacts. You may also want to track contact information for your lab representative, MRO contact or your primary contact at various third party collection sites. These types of contacts are added through the vendor record.

Helpful tips:
  • Whenever you establish a relationship with a new client, it can be helpful to gather contact information at the time of set up. Information such as:
    • Who is the designated employee representative (DER) or results contact? How do they want results (e-mail, fax, web)? If you send password encrypted results what password should be used?
    • Who is the billing contact?
    • Who is to receive the random selection list? Do they want it e-mailed of faxed?
  • Any passwords entered in the system must meet the following minimum criteria. (8 characters or more, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 special character or number.

To add a contact:
Step 1. Open the account or vendor record that you want the contact associated with.
Step 2. Go to General>Contacts
ScreenHunter_35 Aug. 09 13.07.jpg

Step 3. Click the "+" icon
Step 4. Select the contact type (Note: Contact types can be defined in the Admin>Setup>Codes>Contact types area.)

Important! - Certain contact type codes have functional properties meaning that Typically RedArrow will be pre-populated with contact codes that have related functional properties. Please note the following codes and their respective functions:

code: "PRIMARY": Utilized on a variety of reports as the recipient addressee.
code: "ALTRANDOM": Utilized as the alternate recipient of random selection lists when a designated contact for an account was someone selected for random selection.
code: "BILLING": Utilized by invoices.
code: "SUP1": Linked to Supervisor 1.
code: "SUP2": Linked to Supervisor 2.

Step 5. Enter a first and last name and any other information you'd like to keep.

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Step 6. Click "Save"