Adding contact types

Contacts records represent the people associated with accounts and vendor records. Some "contact types" have functional properties in the system while others are simply a way for you track various job titles, etc. For example, you might have a contact associated for a laboratory vendor record of "Account Rep", or an account contact type of "DER" for the designated employee representative for an account.

It is very important to utilize certain contact types in RedArrow that also have functional properties when appropriate. For the most part, these contact types have been added to your system as default types. In other words, they have been pre-populated into your system and can be seen when clicking the contact type drop down when creating a new contact. An example of a functional property of a contact type would be the type "Primary". A contact set to "Primary" will be the contact referenced on nearly all reports generated from your system. For example, if you generate a random selection list or pool roster verification request report the "addressee" is whoever is set to the contact type of "Primary" (see example "Sara Smith" below).

primary contact on report.jpg

Here is a list of contact types with functional properties:
BILLING: Utilized by invoices.
DER: Designated Employee Representative
PRIMARY: Utilized on a variety of reports as the recipient addressee.
SUP1: Linked to Supervisor 1.
SUP2: Linked to Supervisor 2.
Not pre-populated:
ALTRANDOM: Utilized as the alternate recipient of random selection lists when a designated contact for an account was someone selected for random selection.
COUNSELOR: Populates EAP counselor drop down

To add a new contact type:
Step 1. Go to Admin>Set Up>Codes
Step 2. From the drop down select "contact type"
Step 3. Click the "+" icon
Step 4. Enter a code and description. (The "code" is what will populate the drop downs)
Step 5. Click "Save"
The new contact code you added can now be used for any contact entered into the system.

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