Adding consortium pools

A "consortium" pool is a single pool group consisting of personnel from multiple companies or organizations. Creating a consortium pool is no different than creating a single company pool in RedArrow, however you'll select more than one company when selecting the pool criteria. See "adding random pools" here

So long as the information on a personnel record matches the pool criteria and the personnel record is set to "active" they will become a member of your consortium pool. The only exception to this is if you set the optional check box in your pool to "Require a pre-employment test before activation" in which case the personnel record will have had to have a negative pre-employment test associated with their personnel record before the system will add them to your pool.

Once your consortium pool group has been created there are two ways to add personnel into the pool group.
Helpful Note: In RedArrowOnline we generally do not refer to adding "companies" into a consortium pool, rather we're adding personnel into a pool. Because when you run a random selection, it's not a "company" that is randomly indexed and selected, it's their personnel or employee records that are selected.

Let's look at examples of the two ways to add personnel into a consortium pool:
Ex. 1. Through the pool group record by modifying the pool criteria
Step 1. In Randons tab - open the pool group to the pool detail form
Step 2. Go to Pool Information>Pool Criteria
Step 3. Click "Company" and select the company from the possible criteria over to the selected criteria side (repeat for Reg Mode if utilized)
Step 4. Click "Save"
Any active personnel records meeting the criteria you set will automatically become pool members.
consort criteria.jpg

Ex. 2. Through the company record by associating the company to the pool group.
Step 1. In Accounts, open the company record to the account detail
Step 2. Click the "Regulatory & Compliance" link
Step 3. Click the "+" icon
Step 4. Select from the drop down the pool group you want to add personnel to
Step 5. Click "Submit"
This action simply adds the company to the pool criteria. Only those personnel records that are active and meet the pool criteria will be added to the pool. If, for example, you had some personnel records with FMCSA in the regulatory mode and some with no regulatory mode and your pool criteria required FMCSA; then only those personnel with FMCSA would be added to the pool. In other words, adding a company to a pool doesn't automatically place personnel in the pool, unless they match the requirements of the pool criteria.

reg & compliance add.jpg

Helpful Tip: To keep the pool updated on an ongoing basis use the "Pool Roster Verification Request Report", or if you're keeping a separate spreadsheet updated and want to import the personnel roster at a later time be sure to include the company code in one of the columns in your spreadsheet. The company code must perfectly match the company code in RedArrowOnline to import correctly.