Adding companies

Prior to entering tests or personnel records or running random selections RedArrow you'll first need to add an account or "company". There are four account tiers (Master Account, Company, Region & Location). It's important to understand the differences between the various types of accounts as it can have an affect on how you utilize the system. For example, some features such as user codes may not be available for master accounts, but are available on a company account record. Accounts can represent "companies" or other organizations or even be used to track generic or "house accounts".

Helpful tips:
  • When you add a company into RedArrow, you need to be sure to set up the "configuration" in the Company detail>reporting>configuration area. Failure to do so for each and every account will result in the system processing test records in an undesirable way! Make a habit of ensuing the configuration is set every time you create a company. See "Setting up account configuration" for the details on the various options.
  • It's strongly suggested that you create an account set up checklist to ensure that whenever you add an account, you're following through with the full account set up process which may include numerous additional tasks if your using any of the optional RedArrow modules such as results downloading, profile based results reporting, billing, etc. (See "General account set up check list" (view here for help)

Accounts explained:
Master Account: Account to which multiple company records can be associated with. Generally only used when some of the company accounts in your system need to be tracked as belonging to another company or organization.
Company Account: Normally the account type used for nearly all companies. Regions and Location accounts can be generated under a company account. Features such as billing, or user codes can only be created for company account types. If you're in doubt of which account type to start with, choose this one.
Region Account: Generally region accounts are only utilized when a company has a number of locations and those locations need to be paired together in different groups. For most users, this account type is rarely used but can come in handy if test results for several locations need to sent to one person, while results for other locations need to be sent to someone else. Think "regional R manager".
Location Account: Account type generally used when an company has several physical locations to manage and tests or personnel need to be tracked as associated to a location.

Hierarchy view:
ScreenHunter_27 Aug. 08 14.38.jpg

To add a company account:
Step 1. Click the Accounts tab and click the "+" icon.
Step 2. Check the "company" option

Step 3. Add a company code (Note: The code is the primary Key for the account. Generally it's not changed unlike a company name which may change anytime)
Step 4. Add a company name and fill in the remaining address information. (This info will be used on various reports generated in RedArrow).

ScreenHunter_28 Aug. 08 14.42.jpg

Step 5. Click "Save". Once the company is saved you can access the configuration under the reporting tab
Step 6. In the company detail record go to Reporting>Configuration, and be sure to set the configuration options to what best fits this account. (Do not skip this step)
company config nav.jpg

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