Adding collection sites

Test records which contain collection information are required to be associated with a collection site vendor record. Collection site vendor records should ideally represent the organization that performed the collection. Adding collection site records can be fairly simple for some who require only the site name and address of the collection site; for others, it might also include adding services, fees, hours of operation information and more.

Adding collection site records can be added into your system manually or by searching the existing collection site groups that come pre-loaded in the system aka "cloud sites" and pulling it down into your local system (still in development, more).

Adding a collection site manually:
Step 1. Click the "Vendors" tab
Step 2. Click the "+" icon
Step 3. From the "type" drop down select "collector"

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 29 09.30.jpg

Step 4. Add required information (code/name) and any additional information you want to manage.
Helpful note: The "code" can be anything you'd like however the primary 10 digit phone number can be a good choice)
Step 5. Click "save"

Additional set up steps (optional):
Step 6. Add collection site contacts
a. Go to General>contacts
b. Click the "+" icon
c. Select the contact type for the dropdown
d. add contact info and click "save"
Step 7. Add collection site services:
a. Go to General>services
b. Click the pencil "edit" icon
c. Check the boxes associated with the services provided; add hours of operation info
d. Click "save"


Step 8. Add collectors
a. Go to General>Collectors
b. Click the "+" icon
c. Enter a collector first and last name and any other information you'd like to track
d. Click "save"