Adding ad-hoc fees to a company record

You can add fees directly to the company/account record (as opposed to a test record) which will calculate on an invoice. This can be handy when a fee is not related to a test but rather to the organization or group of tests.

For example, you send a collector 50 miles to collect a number of drug tests for a client. You need to add a $150 fee to the account to cover travel time and the on-site collection service. Rather than add the fee to a specific test, you can add the fee to the company so it will calculate on the next invoice.

To add an ad hoc fee to a company account:
Step 1. Open the account to the account detail form and go to Billing>Billing profile
Step 2. Click the "+" icon (the lower one on the page)
account ad hoc.jpg
Step 3. Fill out the add misc fee form and click "save".

Fee type options:
  • One-time: Use this option if the fee is a one-time fee that should only appear on the next invoice
  • Recurring: Use this option if you want the same fee to automatically recur monthly or once per year on a specified month.

add misc fee 3.jpg

One-time fees will disappear from the billing area once they have appeared on an invoice.
Recurring fees will display until you delete them.

Example of Misc Fee on an invoice:
misc fee.jpg