Adding POCT or "instant test" devices

POCT tests require "devices" to be set up in the system prior to entering POCT test records. The device represents the cup, dip strip, etc. that will be used for the screen analysis. Each device can have one or more drugs associated with it. These drugs populate in the POCT test record when the device is selected.

Helpful Tip:

  • Have the device name or code, manufacturer name and a list of substances it tests for ready before continuing with this step.

To add POCT device:
Step 1. Click the "Admin" link and enter your password.
Step 2. Go to Setup>devices
Step 3. Click the green "+" icon that sits mid screen (or the one most towards the left). This will open the form shown below.
ScreenHunter_17 Aug. 08 09.24.jpg

Step 4. Add device code, device description and manufacturer info and click "save". You should see your device under the "Devices" header.
Step 5. Use your mouse pointer to click the text in either the manufacturer or device description such that the device row become highlighted in blue. (Do not click the blue text in the device code column)
Step 6. On the right side of the screen, click the "+" icon in the far right (device detail area).

ScreenHunter_20 Aug. 08 11.01.jpg

Step 7. From the "Drug Name" selector, add each drug your POCT/Instant test device will be screening for, then click "Save". You may need to add these one-by-one.

Helpful Tip:
  • Some drugs appear to be listed more than once - Ex. Amphetamines (AMP) & Amphetamine(AMPS); select the drug that most closely matches the "code" your device utilizes or your laboratory utilizes. Also, some drugs may be listed under their street name rather than by substance (ex. Marijuana vs. THC).

ScreenHunter_22 Aug. 08 11.24.jpg