Adding EAP vendor record

If employee assistance programs will be created and managed within your system an EAP vendor record will need to be created. The "EAP Vendor" should be the "organization" who is acting as the EAP manager. For example, if you are an employer "XYZ Transit" then the EAP vendor record should also be "XYZ Transit". A separate record should be created for the actual counselor or counselors for your organization in the account contacts area (using the contact type of "Counselor" - see how to add this contact type here.)

To add a EAP vendor record:
Step 1. Go to the "Vendors" tab
Step 2. Click the "+" icon
Step 3. Select "EAP" from the "Type" drop down
Step 4. Add a "code" and the "Name" (can be the same thing)
Step 5. Click "Save"

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