Add lab-based drug tests manually

Helpful note: If you haven't already added a collection site or laboratory vendor record do so before proceeding.

Step 1. Click the "Events" tab.
Step 2. Click the green "+" icon on the top right corner.
Step 3. Enter the company or account the test event will be under then hit search. All companies\account matching the information will be displayed. Click the gray SEL button next to the company wanted.
select comp from drop down.jpg
Step 4. Enter the donor or personnel ID and last name and click "continue" (the system will look to see if this personnel record already exists. If it doesn't find a match, it will display text "No matching records". Selecting "New" will create a new personnel record and allow you to continue.
Step 5. Fill out all required information while being sure to select the appropriate "Reason For Test", "Test Type" and "Sample Type" options.

Helpful note: Note there are differences between an Instant test or "POCT" test and a lab-based drug test. In RedArrow, a test type of "Drug" means a lab-based test, while any other type of test involving a rapid test cup, lateral flow reader, dip test, etc. should be added as a POCT test.

add test options.jpg

Step 6. Click "Continue". Note that after this step both the personnel record and the test record have been added to the system even if you cancel in later steps.
Step 7. Add the test information required and click "save".

Example Test Event in edit mode.

Helpful notes:
  • The configuration settings associated with the account or company will determine when the test is ready to report out. When a test contains enough information to meet the configuration requirements, it will move to the Work list>Reporting>Manual Reporting area where the result can be released via the reporting profiles set for the account (e-mail, fax, web, etc.)
  • The individual drugs tested by the laboratory can be added within the center section of the test event, below the Test Personnel Information/Test Demographics area.