About Reporting

Details about various reporting methods...

E-Mail Reporting:

RedArrowOnline utilizes it's own e-mail server to distribute e-mail results. This means you do not need to use your own local e-mail system to distribute test results to contacts. The system sends results in Adobe .pdf format as an attachment. As shown below, the recipient would receive a result from "ReportingServices". This is an unattended e-mail such that if someone who had received the result tries to reply to the sender their e-mail would not be seen. (Note: a future enhancement should allow users to have the system send out e-mails referencing a user defined e-mail address)

Single report vs. multi-result report: The RedArrowOnline system processes any released test results approximately every 15 minutes. If the system has reported multiple results to the same recipient within the 15 minute reporting cycle, it would send multiple test results in the same .pdf file (as page 1, 2 , 3 etc.). Otherwise, they will receive one attachment per record.

Secure e-mail vs. non-secure e-mail: RedArrowOnline can send .pdf files which require a password to be entered by the user to view the report. This method is generally considered "secure" in that it would take significant effort with in-depth knowledge & resources to open the file without the password. Sending non-password encrypted results via e-mail is not recommended by CIS. The way e-mails are distributed through the internet, bouncing from various servers before arriving at it's destination, makes sending any non-password protected e-mail inherently unsecured.

Example for what result recipients receive:
e-mail pdf.jpg

Multiple e-mails for one contact
You can associate two separate e-mails for the same contact such that when results report out the same reports will be distributed to each e-mail. The format for entering more than one e-mail for a single contact record must be as shown. Example: "jane@email.com; jim@email.com" Be sure that there is a space after the semi-colon.

Fax Reporting:

RedArrowOnline utilizes it's own fax server to distribute fax results. This means you do not need to use your own local fax machine to distribute test results to contacts. The fax reporting system cycles approximately every 15 minutes. In the event that RedArrowOnline faxing does not make a successful "handshake" or transmission it will reattempt the fax numerous times over the next few ours until a successful transmission is achieved. As is real life there is no 100% guarantee the fax will be received.

Including a fax cover:
A fax cover sheet can be added to a fax reporting profile. Currently the text provided on the fax cover sheet is hard coded by the system, however we hope to provide a future enhancement to allow users to generate their own text.
fax cover option.jpg

Web Reporting

Subscribers of the "Branded Web Portal" module can send results to a secure website for downstream results reporting. Web users can view and search for results via the site as well as print the final result for each test.
For drug or alcohol test results, each individual user can only view test result information associated with their organization and results associated with their account level. for example, a location-based web user will only see results for their location, whereas a company-based web user could see results for all locations and so on.

Test results released from the RedArrow system may take up to 15 minutes to display on the web.

CISNet Reporting:

CISNet Reporting (formerly "everitest network") allows users of CIS software (RedArrowOnline and Assistant/Assistant Pro to exchange drug test result data. Both the send and receiver must have an active CISNet Mail ID.

The following scenarios are possible:
  • Assistant/Assistant Pro to RedArrow = Yes.
  • RedArrow to Assistant/Assistant Pro = Yes (Assistant software users must have a version greater than 4.2.28 installed).
  • RedArrow to Redarrow = Yes (Important: MRO codes must match or data will be lost in the transfer!)

Data Reporting (for 3rd party system integrations)

RedArrow has the ability to report out XML-based test result information for integration with downstream third party systems. Generally data is reported out via XML over web services. The system also provides the ability to send within the XML data any scanned images or result reports associated with the test.

Generally the organization receiving the data will need to interpret it into their system.

The CISNet reporting profile is used for XML however you'll need to coordinate with RedArrow technical support staff to set up. A receiver Mail ID will need to be created and provided to the third party so they can make test result data requests.

Phone Reporting

This option simply applies a check box for each test in the manual resulting work list that users must select to release the test from the list. The idea is to identify tests associated with accounts that require a phone call to be made for each result. see "Call Out Required"

Mail Reporting